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The Excelsis Teacher Training Institute is the brainchild of Mr. Rohan Bhat, Chairman, and Mr. Rohit Bhat, the CEO of the Children's Academy Group of Schools. The institute is founded with the vision of giving Early Childhood Education a new dimension to match the requirements of current standards.

The three branches of the Children's Academy Group of Schools educates around 9000 students annually and employ a staff of over 400 exceptionally-trained teachers. The three schools consistently rank among the top schools in the state of Maharashtra and in the country. The Children's Academy Group of Schools has been able to achieve this by providing their teachers with the most proven and modern training methods. With 45 years of educational experience behind them and with a view to providing world-class teacher training, the Bhat family decided to undertake a new venture in the form of ETTI.

At ETTI, Mr. Rohan and Mr. Rohit Bhat plan to bring the critically-acclaimed techniques and methods that make the Children's Academy Group of Schools so successful. At ETTI, we aim to provide candidates with the best education possible. As with all our students, we aim to closely monitor the training processes of the candidates. This will be to ensure that each candidate who passes out of ETTI is ready to step into the world of pre-primary education with the edge required to shine in their respective careers.

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